Activities during the school holidays



Comme share a good time with


your family arround lakes and

forests. Stroll suitable to all the

childreen with more than 18

months. Guides (some one to


stay with the children)


are obligatory.



Your child desire to discover the


équitation ?

This introduction is made in

form of a game entirely

appropriate. Les guides are


VACANCES noël 2020

VACANCES noël 2020



The pony club offers you


differents internships half a day,

all day or even a week. Open to

every ages after 4 years old.

Groupes assign according to


the level.



Spend your Summer at the


pony club camp with or without


accommodation during 1 week ,


Open to all kind of levels.


Schedule with pony games,


improvement, hike and the


traditional booom!!!!

VACANCES noël 2020

VACANCES noël 2020

 Poney Club de Paloumey - 06 70 00 57 80 -

57 Chemin de Coudannes, Ludon-Médoc

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